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Silvio Oscar Mayer

certified specialist for criminal law
born in 1980
admitted to the bar in 2008
imkp Zürich and Aarau

Silvio Oscar Mayer is an attorney at law who has acted 2014 in the consultancy and litigation fields, mainly in criminal law and criminal proceedings. In addition to promoting our clients’ interests in disputes concerning contract and payment claims, he also represents our clients in the field of family law. Silvio Oscar Mayer is a lawyer with several years of practical experience in defending accused persons and family court proceedings who previously held positions at the Federal Department of Defense, Civil Protection and Sports (VBS) and at a Zurich law firm specialized in criminal law and criminal proceedings. Furthermore, he worked for several years as a registrar at the District Court in Lenzburg and at the Industrial Tribunal.

Silvio Oscar Mayer is a member of the Argovia, Zurich and Swiss Bar Association as well as the Criminal Stand-by Service and the Swiss Criminal Law Society.

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